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 Face claim & Reserves
 Posted: Jun 15 2015, 06:05 AM
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face claims

This claim is mandatory. Please copy and paste the code into the reply box and use the code tags. fc = First Class bc = Business Class ec = Economy Class

current claims

Ahmed, Amira Aydan Atasever - con artist Ahmed, Riz -Babar, Naveed - horror novelist browning, emily -penelope irons - photographer / journalist Fukushi, Rina -Nana de Zaragoza - part-time student, socialite jeon, jungkook - Gareth Shin - student Ji, Changwook Song Jaewon - CEO, film director kim, jonghoon - Song Xiang - bakery owner Kim, Jungeun- Margot Jeanneret - IG Promoter, Student Kim, Taehyung Alain Jeanneret - model, escort Lee, Jinki -Yujin Kim - student Lima, Adriana- Trudella, Scarlett - Businesswoman miller, ezra-Oliver Foley - musician min, yoongi -zephyr rhee - flair bartender Miyavi (Takamasa Ishihara) -Ren, Hasegawa - guitarist, music producer Sakaguchi, Kentaro Hisaya Belmont - photographer, author samo, rafael -Karan Syailendra - automotive engineer seydoux, léa -Gabrielle D'Orléans - princess & socialite Vikander, Alicia - Věra Žáčková - mortician

the code

<fc/bc/ec><a href='LINK TO CHARACTER'S PROFILE'>face claim last name, first name </a> - character first name, last name - character occupation</fc/bc/ec>

Reserves last five (5) days after you've reserved them. You can only reserve two faces per player. Please post in code tags.

reserved faces

Allie is reserving ADAM DRIVER until DEC 20TH ... for the moment! Why don't you reserve one, too? ;)

the code

<b>Alias</b> is reserving <emph>FIRST NAME LAST NAME</emph> until <emph>DATE FIVE DAYS FROM TODAY</emph>
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