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❄️ November Update #2 & Viennese Christmas Event! 🎄

It is currently December 2020.
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 Posted: Jul 3 2015, 02:46 PM
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There are several types of awards to be earned. Below are the awards we offer, with a description for how you can earn them. More will come later.

activity awards

user posted image - character accepted during opening week user posted image - host your own event award user posted image - 50 posts user posted image - 100 posts user posted image - 200 posts user posted image - 300 posts user posted image - 400 posts user posted image - 500 posts user posted image - 600 posts user posted image - 700 posts user posted image - 5 finished comms user posted image - 10 finished comms user posted image - 15 finished comms user posted image - 20 finished comms user posted image - 50 finished comms user posted image- participating in the 'Viennese Christmas' event user posted image - finishing the ghost challenge user posted image- finishing the tree challenge user posted image - finishing the carols challenge user posted image - finishing the reindeer challenge user posted image- finishing the christmas show challenge

prompts awards

Mistletoe Mania

In order to claim an award from this category, you'll have to start a normal thread (posted in the "champagne wishes & caviar dreams" or the "events" categories) with a another character using one of the prompts below. Once you finish the thread, use the code given below to claim your award! You can choose whatever colour you want for your award. You can only claim one (1) award per thread! As long as the prompt features clearly in the thread, you can change some minor details of it. It also doesn't matter whose character assumes what role as long as the thread gets done. More than just 2 characters can participate. user posted image / user posted image / user posted image / user posted image / user posted image / user posted image
  • Person A takes Person B on a trip to a Christmas tree farm. But it’s cold and muddy, and they can’t agree on a tree.
  • Person A dares person B to sng "Frosty the Snowman" while dressed in a snowman costume. B agrees to it.
  • Your characters end up watching "Home Alone".
  • Your characters are shopping for Christmas decorations and fighting over which ones to get.
  • Your characters find themselves under a mistletoe, whether by accident or on purpose is up to you.
  • Your characters can't sleep at night because the neighbour is a Christmas light fanatic. Even with the blinds drawn they are so bright that they can’t sleep due to all the flashing lights. What are they going to do? Sabotage the neighbour's lights or start decorating their own house and declare a Christmas lights war? (The characters do not have to be living together for this prompt)
  • Your characters are opening up their Christmas gifts. They are horrified of what they've received and ask for explanations as to what convinced the others to get them the respective gifts.

[post][emph]Character name:[/emph] x
[emph]Prompt used:[/emph] x
[emph]Proof:[/emph] x
[emph]Claim award:[/emph] copy/paste the award in the colour you want[/post]

[post][emph]Character name:[/emph] x
[emph]Proof:[/emph] (where applicable)
[emph]Claim award:[/emph] copy/paste the award[/post]
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