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 Shop & Bank
 Posted: Nov 5 2017, 05:50 AM
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Shop & Bank

There are many ways to earn points, besides our (future) challenges, with most of them listed under "Earn". If you want to save up or buy stuff, you can see your options to spend those points under "Spend". Please use the code given at the end of this post to claim/spend your points!


New registration automatically earns you 300 points. Every post automatically earns you 50 points. Every new thread automatically earns you 100 points. Posting a wanted ad earns you 200 points. Filling a wanted ad earns you 300 points. Creating a character in the member group with the least characters earns you 200 points, too. If you fill a wanted ad and put the character in the member group with the least characters, you can claim 500 points! Inviting a friend earns you 1000 points. Making a character graphic, fanmix or fanfic earns you 200 points. You can post it either in your development subforum or leave a link in your reply when you're claiming your points. If your fanfic exceeds 500 words, you get 300 points!


Extended reserve time costs 500 points and gives you 5 more days to finish your application. That means you will have had 10 days in total. Pinned wanted ad costs 1000 points. You will get your wanted ad pinned at the top of the forum until someone decides to make that character. Every character after your fifth one will cost you 3000 points. You first need to purchase this slot before getting started on their application and reserving their face. A player subforum in the Development area will cost you 5000 points. Want one of your characters to host an event? It will cost 5000 points, but chances are you'll be getting your money back, as well as receiving a nifty award for it! Click here to learn more about them!

Claim and/or Buy

Below are the codes you should use in order to claim your points, buy things from the shop or transfer points to someone else's account. Reply below with the suitable code. When you claim points, we recommend you claim them all on only one of your accounts.
[post]OLD TOTAL: [emph]write your old total here[/emph] +/- 00 points for [url=LINK]specify[/url] +/- 00 points for [url=LINK]specify[/url] NEW TOTAL: [emph]write new total here[/emph] for [emph]write your account name here[/emph][/post]
[post]OLD TOTAL: [emph]write your old total here[/emph] Transfer 00 points to [url=LINK]OTHER MEMBER'S ACCOUNT NAME[/url] NEW TOTAL: [emph]write new total here[/emph] for [emph]write your account name here[/emph][/post]
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