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 I want you to want me, MASSIVE FRIENDS&LOVERS MESS™ (0/6)
Ren Hasegawa
 Posted: Dec 7 2017, 02:32 PM
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hello darkness my old friend
guitarist, composer, producer, lyricist

"I just wanted you to need me."

Hello hello! Welcome to my massive wanted [cries] Let me get some stuff out of the way first: I'm really flexible about everything: open names, open genders, open face claims, details can be tweaked/taken out w/out a problem - just let me know in advance! I'd love if it we made these bands as diverse as possible, tbh! Also I know I use fem & male pronouns in the descriptions but feel free to change the character's gender to whatever you want! Anyway, these bands are supposed to be rivals but they have enough things in common to keep hanging out with each other (plus.... can't sever old ties that easily) to the point where I'm tempted to call them Ren's 'found families'. But I'm also a sucker for angst so expect friction >) I know 3 people a proper band do not make so if you have musicians and want in on this mess, feel free to throw them in!! Let's meet the characters!


27-31 y.o. Vocal.
  • was dragged to one of Ren's first gigs after he gained some local notoriety as a guitarist. To this day, she has a hard time describing what she felt that night, as she glared at the man onstage: a heartthrob? Impatience? Jealousy and envy? Desire?
  • was recruited as a vocalist for YASU & Ren's band. They sold out small venues and even managed to get a fanclub after some time. Back then, NANA was content with just playing those small gigs.
  • was romantically involved with Ren for a couple of years, going as far as to live together. they never discussed how serious their relationship was, but Ren did say at some point that he could give up music for her if she wanted to start a family.
  • he left the band a week after that to debut with Trapnest. While both NANA and Ren insist they parted amicably, it was too sudden and left many things unfinished.
  • what she's been doing since then is up to the player
  • currently she's HACHI's flatmate.
  • Impulsive, territorial, possessive. Wants to hold onto those dear to her with an iron grip, especially after losing Ren to Trapnest (which she might regret, despite not wanting to admit it). She puts up a strong, tough front so as not to worry anyone.
  • Trapnest's massive success has finally motivated her to Make It with her band. Her ambition is to prove to the world that she can be just as successful, if not more, and that nothing can hold her down.
  • might have lingering, ambiguous feelings forYASU, who has been at her side for all these years.
  • can cook, but prepares all her food with too much salt, which only Ren seems to enjoy.
  • cannot stand TAKUMI and has a love-hate relationship with REIRA's voice because it is just So Good she can't help but be jealous.


30-35 y.o. Drums.
  • Mr Lawyer Man or something equally Important and Proper.
  • He's the older brother/guardian figure that always offers to take care of legal and financial affairs because he knows everyone else risks making a mess of everything.
  • Ren's long-time friend. They were in the same orphanage until YASU got adopted. His foster mother offered to adopt Ren too but he declined. They still call each other brothers though.
  • Might've had a thing for NANA but gave up on her because of Ren's obvious infatuation at the time.
  • Old time friend of TAKUMI & REIRA, he's the one that convinced Ren to go to TRAPNEST and fulfil his dreams.
  • It would be cool if he keeps on supporting NANA because he feels like, friendship with Ren aside, she's the disadvantaged party in this deal.
  • Needs to learn to be less selfless lol
  • Probably thinks HACHI is a really good girl that should stop idealising band mates. And that she deserves better.
  • As for SHIN... he just can't with that kid.


open age. Fangirl.
  • NANA's flatmate.
  • basically a puppy
  • The crybaby of the group. The ultimate fangirl.
  • Diehard Trapnest and TAKUMI fangirl, when she found out NANA & YASU had a band with Ren ages ago, she started paying special attention to Ren, trying to learn about all the things NANA liked about him.
  • Might be slightly infatuated with NANA. Up to the players if it's platonic or not.
  • Probably the only person allowed to baby SHIN.
  • Has a carefree friendship going on with Ren, where they call each other 'dear' and they jokingly complain about what a cruel mistress NANA is and how tough life is when they're both part of her harem, lolol.
  • she got herself in a bit of a situation after Ren surprised her by inviting TAKUMI over for dinner&game night at her & NANA's place.
  • For the longest time, she also thought NANA and YASU had a forbidden thing going on.


18-25 y.o. GUITAR
  • The enfant terrible of NANA's band, SHIN is her band's newest addition.
  • He also had no prior knowledge of the band's history., which prompted a bit of lowkey fanboy-ing when he heard he was going to replace Ren. The only reason he made the cut, as NANA keeps reminding him, is because he promised to surpass Ren's skill.
  • ....which isn't working out so hot, given the messes SHIN managed to get himself into. 1. he's prostituting himself for money. 2. he has an addiction (nicotine or anything else you want) that's slowly draining his wallet. 4. he doesn't have a place of his own so he keeps sleeping over at his client's places which isn't just reckless but also dangerous af; 4.. he might be encouraging REIRA to give Trapnest another try. 4, 5, 6. and so on - even more problems of your preference.
  • Overall, SHIN is that too-mature-for-his-age kid that everyone wants to baby but... barely manage to, mostly because he doesn't let them.
  • He has a soft spot for HACHI, jokingly refers to NANA & YASU as 'bosses' and will occasionally pretend to have torrid love affairs with Ren right in front of NANA just to annoy her and exasperate the rest.
  • REIRA is one of his clients.


24-32 y.o. VOCAL
  • Owner of a voice that can go from heavy metal to angelic in record time. REIRA has a range most singers would die for, and TAKUMI makes sure she doesn't slack off, always pushing her to improve.
  • well known for being somewhat naive, overwhelmingly friendly, throwing child-like tantrums and making questionable demands.
  • requested SHIN's services after accidentally overhearing someone trying to convince him to stop doing that
  • TAKUMI's childhood friend, she knows all the ways to annoy him and has shared them with Ren, her other half when it comes to shenanigans.
  • Ren frequently takes her on joyrides in the dead of the night, since they're both insomniacs. They're both just hella cute with each other - Ren claiming only REIRA's voice can lull him to sleep (knowing this would piss off NANA if she ever caught wind of it), and REIRA promising she will never sing to another guitar but his. They're the sort of friends that will compliment the heck out of one another and swear they'll marry each other if they reach 40 and are still single lol.
  • Within Trapnest, she has at times been seen 'expressing' interest in both TAKUMI and Ren, drawing the ire of NANA.
  • Here's a question for you: does she find NANA admirable not because of her voice, but of her audacity to claim she can get anywhere with that voice and technique?


28-35 y.o. BASS.
  • Composer & producer extraordinaire, here's this piece of shit work of art guy. He's REIRA's childhood friend and fancies himself a brother figure to her. Also the unofficial leader of Trapnest.
  • The one that initially approached YASU, one of his friends since school, to try and convince Ren to join Trapnest instead.
  • A workaholic and perfectionist, he somehow managed to find a perfect balance between his 'nagging mother' mode and laissez-faire attitude. .
  • Pretty damn arrogant and prideful despite his "humble" persona.
  • Womaniser.
  • So focused on the next best thing that they have very little time to linger on what makes them sad. It's all about the next step with him, and how to come out victorious.
  • Has a tendency make decisions for others, especially when others show indecisiveness or just try to slow him down. Irascible, flares up quickly, often loses his temper. But once he cools off, will bear no grudge.
  • Has a difficult time taking anyone seriously, which is why it takes a while for him to grow close to people, but currently he gets along fine with his bandmates, YASU & HACHI (in the latter's case, possibly because she just eats up everything he says lolol).
  • Sometimes feels like he's the single mother trying to deal with two rebellious and overenthusiastic children that ally themselves against him (yes, this is about REIRA and Ren).
  • Is pretty fucking pissed about Ren disappearing and forcing them to go on hiatus.
  • Possesive about the people he keeps close to him, he absolutely cannot get along with NANA no matter how hard he tries (because she's the same as him). They mutually rake each other's nerves.
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