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 golden child, dreya / nana
Zephyr Rhee
 Posted: Dec 5 2017, 02:45 AM
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after a long night that ran into the early morning, zephyr is tired. too tired to take himself back to his own apartment, which is not an unusual event for him. as men meet in one of the back rooms or down in the basement (he isn't sure which, and he doesn't care because it isn't his business anyway), he takes the time to break down his bar, clean glasses, make sure every single inch of it is spotless before they emerge and his boss tells him that he can go once he's finished. truthfully, he's been finished for the past half hour and is now doing things to just keep himself busy so he doesn't fall asleep standing up. when he's told he can leave, he grabs his phone and keys and takes off his apron and makes his way out of the club as fast as he can, sending for an uber to take him to nana's apartment. he knows the way by heart, but is far too tired to walk there. when the car stops in front of the building, he drags himself out and into the building, taking the elevator to the floor that her apartment is on and lets himself in. he kicks his shoes off by the front door, sending them to settle haphazardly on the floor before he makes his way to the bedroom and sheds his pants once the door is closed. he's too tired to even look for a pair of sleep pants, grabbing a shirt that he knows is his from the closet, and instead crawls into the comfortable bed with just that and his underwear on. he knows nana isn't home by her lack of presence and how quiet the apartment is, and while he loves her to death, he hopes that he'll at least be able to get a few hours in before she wakes him up with some sort of veiled threat because he is, once again, asleep in her bed. Nana de Zaragoza
Nana de Zaragoza
 Posted: Dec 6 2017, 01:52 AM
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"D'ya want some tea?" Nana struggled to ask, looking over her shoulder and leaning back too. The girl that had walked her back home put a hand on the small of her back, giving her a small push until she was balanced again.
"I'm fine, thanks. You sure you're fine?"
Nana nodded. What she wasn't sure about was how she ended up with this girl instead of Zeph but she suspected texting the wrong person might've had something to do with it. For the nth time, she made a mental note to add Zeph to her speed dial. A note she would forget about in a couple of minutes. A note that a part of herself vehemently disagreed with - after all, she didn't want Zeph to jump to her rescue when it would really matter. She wanted to show him she could handle herself just fine, none of his assistance necessary.
(Another part hid the truth: that she didn't want him to end up like her brother, just because she was dumb enough to make herself an easy target.)

Closing the door behind her and taking care to lock it, she shrugged her coat off and attempted to hang it but didn't so much as blink when it nonchalantly crumpled to the ground.
She did curse upon tripping over a pair of shoes that definitely weren't hers or her flatmate's. "Son of a bitch," she muttered under her breath, struggling to get back on her feet and regain her balance.
So Zeph had invaded her apartment again. Great. He chose the best moments - right when Nana wanted to pass out without having anyone elbow her awake or steal her blanket.

Making her way to her bedroom, she intentionally slammed the door open, peering inside and... yup, that was definitely a familiar body in her bed.
Fucker hadn't even bothered folding his trousers - just dropped them on the floor as another obstacle in her path.
Murmuring curses under her breath, she kicked the door shut, managed to lose her balance again, only finding it when her back pressed against the door, and peeled off layers of clothing, not bothering with her camisole or (now ripped) stockings.
But she took care to bunch up her skirt and throw it, destination Zeph's face.
"Hola! Fancy seeing you here!" she almost screamed, wishing she could've set her volume loud enough to wake up the dead... but without waking up the neighbours.
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